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62 km

63 km

1050 m 1050 m

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42 km

44 km

530 m 530 m

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31 km

32 km

920 m 920 m

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24 km

23 km

280 m 280 m

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21 km

21 km

460 m 460 m

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14 km

13 km

120 m 120 m

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7 km

7 km

40 m 40 m

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12 km

140 m 140 m

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9 and 10 September 2017
Wissant (France)

The 10th edition of the Trail Côte d’Opale en Pas-de-Calais is brewing as that of all records…

The Trail Côte d’Opale is a part of the Trail National Tour of 2017 The organization trusts the best national racers to be there, with more than 5 000 racers expected this year. Moreover, the course has been lengthened by 5 kilometers along the beach to fluidify the departure, which will start from Wissant and to the Cap Gris-Nez. After crossing some sand dunes, cliffs, and hills to return to Wissant.

With the course of 7 kilometers, runners will discover the trail-running on an affordable distance and a positive inclination of 250 meters. They’ll start at a common departure with the 5 races and return to Wissant. Three hikings will also be organized this year in the 7 km.
The nine cities crossed by the rally race can receive the trailers and majorettes, orchestras and sound system will be at every step to host the racers. More exhibitions will be organized this year. At the arrival in Wissant, there will be a regional products market under the authority of the Communauté de la Terre des 2 Caps. It will start on Saturday at 10 am while the racers will take their numbers, and on Sunday, from 11 am and until 5 pm for the prize giving…
This year, more animations are scheduled on the course and in the villages crossed by the trail. There will also have more tracks, fewer crossings by road and a very enlivened arrival.
Finally, the trail gives importance to the environmental protection, it’s why this year we have invested in biodegradable cordon of beaconing. Moreover, strict rules will be applied to protect the splendid environment of the 2015 tracks.
With eight distances scheduled, 62, 42, 31, 21, 14 and 7 kilometers, and a track wobbling between 250 and 1200 meters of uneven. Trail lovers are now awaited on September 9th and 10th , 2017….