MENU Menu Aide Trail Côte d'Opale en Pas-de-Calais 2017
42 km

Technical informations

44 km

530 m 530 m

63 m 1 m

This race is demanding to perfection with a Wissant beach departure to Cap Blanc-Nez. Then direction Saint Po to bypass Wissant. Then direction Cap Gris-Nez by Châtelet dunes and Mont Aux Leux. Many areas of asphalt have been avoided, making it a more even than Nature trail at the first edition.

The route joins Audresselles after crossing the bous of Haringzelles Blockhause, over 30 meters high. The first supply will be in the hall of Audresselles. Runners will get tired before returning to Wissant, that will be through the cliffs of Cap Gris-Nez.
A last liquid supply will be offered after the Cap Gris-Nez.